Curbside Pickup Instructions

  • Upon arrival at the Island Training Centre (ITC), you will be directed to a parking spot by one of our staff
  • Please follow the social distancing markers in our line up to ensure you allow for appropriate spacing
  • When you are at the front of the line, one of our staff will be ready to help you pick up your order. Please let us know the name that your order was placed under to help us locate your order. If you had order any merchandise other than a face mask, we will have that ready at this time. 
  • After receiving your order, we kindly ask that you return to your car in a timely fashion as we will be very busy with everyone wanting to receive their face masks!
  • If you have any issues with your order, please contact us via email at and we will be able to help. We will be unable to make any exchanges or adjustments to orders during scheduled mask pick up due to the volume of pickups.